Where is my activation code

If you pay by PayPal the activation code will be on the payment confirmation page you will need to scroll down to see it. You will also be sent an order confirmation email your code will be on there. You can also retrieve your code by logging into your account and going to ‘orders’ and clicking on the order number to the left of your order.

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  1. Ok I’ve ordered and paid for this and my activation code does not work ?
    This is my 3rd email now with no reply
    My order number is XTR2021112010593136

    And my activation code does not work !

    I’ve created an account with the same email and there is no order linked to my email !

    Come on guys sort this out!

    • Hi

      I own https://xtrix.com.au that order number is from one of the Chinese sellers sadly there is nothing I can do you need to contact them I can only help with codes I have sold. I get a lot of people coming to me complaining about codes not working and not getting replies from them.

      If you are looking for reliable service and great customer service buy your xtrix subscription from https://xtrix.com.au


  2. I have paid an my order number is XT2021120212562770
    I have not recieved an activation code. It never takes this long

  3. Hi wonder if you can help I have a android box that needs a factory reset, I have Xtrix installed on it. If I reset the box I’ll have to reinstall Xtrix again so will the original activation code work or will I need a new code for it to work as I’ve already used the old code.

  4. Hi Alan

    it does not look like you have a current subscription with us you must have purchased it off the Chinese sellers, so I will not be able to do it for you but what needs to be done, once you have done a reset and put the app back on the subscription will need to be transferred to the new app you will need to contact the seller you purchased your subscription from to do this. The Chinese sellers are not very quick so if they have not done the transfer in 4 days contact me and I will see if I can get something done for you.


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