First: Enable Third-Party Apps in Settings

In order to install apps from outside Amazon’s Appstore—a process known as “sideloading”—you’ll need to enable a setting first. Go to the Fire TV home page, then navigate all the way to the Settings tab on the far right. Highlight “Device,” then “Developer Options.”

Highlight “Apps from Unknown Sources,” then press the center button. Select “Turn on” on the warning screen. That’s it—you’re ready to install apps from outside the Amazon Appstore.

Now you’ll just have to find the apps you want, in the form of APK installers. You have a few options for doing so: you can load them from your Android phone, browse the web from your Fire TV, or load them from a cloud storage service like Dropbox.

Option One: Load Apps From Your Android Phone

The fastest and simplest way to get an app over to your Fire TV, without having to use third-party apps or any tedious TV remote typing, is to use an Android phone (if you have one). The Apps2Fire app on the Play Store allows you to transfer any app that’s already installed on your phone over to the set-top box. So download the app, then make sure that your phone is on the same Wi-Fi network as your Fire TV device. You’ll also need to make sure that “ADB Debugging” is enabled in the Settings > Device > Developer Options screen on the Fire TV.

Open the app on your phone, then tap the three-dot button in the upper-right corner and select “Setup.” In this screen, tap “Network.” Wait for the scan to complete, and you’ll see all the devices connected to your local network, identified by their IP address and device name.

In my case, the device labelled “amazon-c630d5b29” is obviously my Fire TV. If you can’t tell which one is the right device, use the Fire TV remote to navigate to Settings > Device > About > Network. The IP address is in the display on the right. Tap the correct device, then select “local apps” from the tabs at the top of the screen.

From this list, you can tap any of the apps on your phone, then “Install,” and it will be sent over the network to your Fire TV. You don’t even need to do anything on the TV, it will install itself in the background and appear on your home screen automatically.

Option Two: Download Apps From the Web on Your Fire TV

If you don’t have an Android phone, you can download apps manually to your Fire TV from thwe b. Go back through the Settings menu until you get to the Fire TV home page. Then, using either the Search tool on the far left or the Alexa voice search button on your remote, search for “Downloader.” Highlight the result below to get to the app page on the Amazon Appstore.

This little app exists for one reason: to download other apps. It’s a barebones browser that will let you navigate to any site on the web and download APK files, then automatically open the installer window. Navigation is either direct to a download address from the home page, or with the browser on the side menu. You can use the remote to move the cursor and the on-screen keyboard to type web URLs or search terms.

You can find Android APKs anywhere, but be wary of sites you don’t know, We recommend using  APK Mirror. It’s a highly trustworthy source that only accepts verified apps that have been scanned for modifications, and only hosts freely-available stuff, so there’s no piracy involved. (Full Disclosure: I used to work for the owner of APK Mirror.)

Once you’ve selected a file, the Downloader app will automatically begin the installation process. Highlight and select “Install” to start, then “Done” to finish. Your app will appear on the home page and under “Apps.”

Option Three: Download on Your Computer, and Load from Cloud Storage

However, what if you’ve already got the APK files you want to install? (Or what if you’d rather browse from your computer than your Fire TV?) In that case, you can download the APK files on your PC, then  throw them on your favorite cloud storage client, like Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive. Then switch back to your Fire TV unit and use the Search menu or the Alexa voice button to search for “ES File Explorer.”

Highlight ES File Explorer in the results window, click it, and then download the app. When it’s open, use the directional buttons to navigate to the left-most column, then click on “Network.” Highlight “Cloud” and click it.

From here you can select your preferred cloud storage service, log in, and connect to your files.

Highlight the APK files in the folder you created above, click them, and follow the on-screen prompts to download and install them. Easy.

There are other ways to load your APKs onto a Fire TV device, but they’re a bit more involved. You can use Android’s Debug Bridge (ADB) either via a direct USB connection or Wi-Fi, or you can load up APKs on a flash drive and use a file explorer to open them directly (if you have one of the older versions of the hardware with a standard USB port). ES File Explorer even has local server and FTP connections available. But these three options should be enough to get you started, so you can get whatever apps you want right on your TV.

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How to Sideload Apps?

1. Go to Google Play Store and install X-plore
2. Turn on Developer options by going into device preferences then press on about.
3. Go to build # and press on it 5 times and wait until it says you are a developer.
4. Back out and go to Device Preferences then press on security and restrictions
5. Press on Unknown Sources and allow X-plore to install apps from unknown sources. Don’t worry nothing will happen to your device
6. Download the Xtrix app to a flash drive
7. Insert the flash drive into one of the USB ports on your shield
8. Open X-plore and navigate to the Xtrix app on your flash drive
9. Click to start installing once installed you will be asked to allow permission allow them then you will need to install again

Note: This is one way to install APK files on your devices there are others but this is the easy way.
Below are older way to install Xtrix may not work now
Method 1: Using ES File Explorer * Shield has changed but still should work if you have ES explorer already installed
Make sure you’ve connected Nvidia Shield to Desktop or TV.
It should be connected to the Internet connection because offline installation is not possible in this method.
Go to Play Store, Download and install ES File Explorer on your Shield TV.
Open the ES Explorer, you find a “browser” option in the sidebar. Click on it.
In the URL address, enter this link: https://www.xtrix.com.au/downloads/.
Scroll down to see the Download option. Click on a “Download” button.
Wait for a few seconds.
Visit Downloads in ES File Explorer.
Click on “xtrix.apk file” and it’ll pop up an installation window.
Click on Install and follow the next screen steps.
Finally, the app goes to installed on your Shield TV.
You can find it in the apps section or homepage.

Method 2: Using Google Drive

This method requires an Android mobile or Computer. See how…

  • Download and save the Xtrix app file on your Computer/mobile.
  • Upload it to your Google Drive.
  • Access your Google Drive from Shield TV.
  • Download the app file to your Shield TV.
  • And the installation part is the same as given in the above method.
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Set up Xtrix

Please make sure the code input correctly. 
If you still have a problem, please check whether installed the apk and the correct version.

There are two versions: Standard Xtrix with Blue colour icon and Xtrix Plus with Red color. So please check which version subscription code you ordered.  

If above not help, please contact our support email directly.
Category: Set up Xtrix
If you pay by PayPal the activation code will be on the payment confirmation page you will need to scroll down to see it. You will also be sent an order confirmation email your code will be on there. You can also retrieve your code by logging into your account and going to ‘orders’ and clicking on the order number to the left of your order.

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