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How to Sideload Apps?

1. Go to Google Play Store and install X-plore
2. Turn on Developer options by going into device preferences then press on about.
3. Go to build # and press on it 5 times and wait until it says you are a developer.
4. Back out and go to Device Preferences then press on security and restrictions
5. Press on Unknown Sources and allow X-plore to install apps from unknown sources. Don’t worry nothing will happen to your device
6. Download the Xtrix app to a flash drive
7. Insert the flash drive into one of the USB ports on your shield
8. Open X-plore and navigate to the Xtrix app on your flash drive
9. Click to start installing once installed you will be asked to allow permission allow them then you will need to install again

Note: This is one way to install APK files on your devices there are others but this is the easy way.
Below are older way to install Xtrix may not work now
Method 1: Using ES File Explorer * Shield has changed but still should work if you have ES explorer already installed
Make sure you’ve connected Nvidia Shield to Desktop or TV.
It should be connected to the Internet connection because offline installation is not possible in this method.
Go to Play Store, Download and install ES File Explorer on your Shield TV.
Open the ES Explorer, you find a “browser” option in the sidebar. Click on it.
In the URL address, enter this link:
Scroll down to see the Download option. Click on a “Download” button.
Wait for a few seconds.
Visit Downloads in ES File Explorer.
Click on “xtrix.apk file” and it’ll pop up an installation window.
Click on Install and follow the next screen steps.
Finally, the app goes to installed on your Shield TV.
You can find it in the apps section or homepage.

Method 2: Using Google Drive

This method requires an Android mobile or Computer. See how…

  • Download and save the Cinema HD app file on your Computer/mobile.
  • Upload it to your Google Drive.
  • Access your Google Drive from Shield TV.
  • Download the app file to your Shield TV.
  • And the installation part is the same as given in the above method.

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    1. Yes, Xtrix works on Nvidia Shield TV Pro, it will have to be sideloaded like any third-party app, I recommend you install the app and get a 3-day trial by sending me a screenshot of the activation page of the Xtrix app.

    1. You could install an android emulator like bluestacks but I would highly recommend getting an android device instead

  1. I tried downloading the app for Nvidia shield TV and it won’t download from your website. It says the app isn’t supported yet for your device.

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